Bilingual Mental Health in Spanish. We're not just bilingual; we're bicultural. Understanding your world in both English and Español.

We offer a unique blend of bilingual mental health services in Spanish for the Hispanic community in Oklahoma and Texas.

Our team isn't just fluent in Spanish; we're fluent in your cultural nuances, making us more than therapists - we're your allies in mental wellness.

Expertise That Speaks Your Language - Mental Health in Spanish.

Best Quality Multilingual Psychological Care

We're here to listen, understand, and guide you through life's challenges in the language that speaks to your heart.

Skilled teams

Our professionals are more than just native Spanish speakers; they're seasoned travelers of the Latin American heart and soul. Having engaged with almost every Latin American country, our therapists bring a depth of understanding that transcends language barriers.

Always on your time

Schedule, cancel, manage your session on your own.


Years of




Carne Asada
Arguments Avoided

Services Designed for Familia

From individual therapy to family counseling, our services are designed with la familia in mind. We recognize the unique challenges faced by Hispanic families in the U.S. and offer a safe, welcoming space for all ages. Whether it's navigating cultural identity, dealing with work stress, or managing family dynamics, we're here to support you.

Terapia Individual

Your feelings are valid.

Our therapy offices in Oklahoma and Texas are much more than a place to let off steam. Our approach during therapy is strengths-based and solutions-based, which will provide tangible results.

Terapia Familiar y Matrimonial

It was her fault. Wait no, it was his fault.

Complicated you say? bring it! We are ready to help you here in Oklahoma City & DFW

Coaching Ejecutivo

For the patrones

Lead with confidence. Your future awaits you.

Child & Teen Counseling

For The Bendiciones.

Our therapists are seasoned navigators in the journey of healing, guiding Hispanic families and their niños through the turbulent waters of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, neglect, or heart-wrenching loss. We're like the lighthouse in a storm for those navigating these tough experiences.

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